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Shonda Lowe

Hi, I'm Shonda!

Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, or simply tired due to the demands of life and the disappointment relationships can bring? Are you engaging in negative self talk and very critical of yourself and possibly others? Or do you have difficulty asserting your needs from others only to feel resentful and taken advantage of when you don't speak up? If so, I definitely can assist you on your healing journey to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Shonda In Session exists to serve people experiencing excessive worry, depression, and stress from relationships and overall life stressors. Unfortunately, I do not see minors at this time.

Appointments Availability:

Virtual Mon-Sun 

Self Pay Rates:

-$85.00 /38 min

-$110.00/53 min

Licensed Therapist

serving over 1000 clients

7 years of experience

Culturally Competent

Solution Oriented/Relatable


       I ACCEPT      

blue cross blue shield of texas
United Healthcare
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